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Interleaf Continuous Door Hinge - Video Production for the Construction Industry

Cooke Brothers is a leading UK manufacturer specialising in the design, development, manufacture and supply of high-performance architectural hinges, architectural hardware, glass door products, shelving strips and hinges for bespoke applications. A family-run business since 1872, Cooke Brothers has been producing hinges for domestic and commercial as well as for cabinetry, furniture and DIY projects for nearly 150 years.


Stronghold SS100 - Video Production for Padlocks

The Stronghold SS100 padlock is the world's strongest padlock. The first padlock to ever achieve LPCB Level SR4 (Loss Prevention Certification Board) - which is their highest rating. These massive super heavyweight padlocks are the newest addition to the Squire Stronghold range.


Squire Inigma IC1 - Video Production for Bike Locks

If you're looking for a bike security system that's supported by cutting-edge technology, then Squire Inigma IC1 integrated bike lock is the one. The chain lock is enhanced with premium materials and Bluetooth connectivity, and has a Sold Secure Bronze rating. It works through your smartphone, allowing you to give and revoke permission to other users, and to see who accessed the locks and when. Suitable for use with iOS and Android smart phones and Apple watches.


Squire Inigma BL1 - Video Production for Bike Locks 

Here’s a short step-by-step guide to setting up the new Squire Inigma BL1 bike lock. This 2-minute video is designed to help buyers get started, along with the instruction booklet in its box. Squire Inigma BL1 is the world’s first Bluetooth bike D-lock to achieve a Sold Secure Gold rating, the highest security rating against attack. 


CP40, 50, 60 recodable combination padlocks - Video Production for Padlocks

Unique in design, these combination locks are manufactured to the highest standards for quality performance. Easy to use, they are fully recodable and can be coded alike so that one code opens several locks.


Warrior® Combi Range - Video Production for Padlocks

A heavy duty, high specification range of combination padlocks. High performance Warrior® padlocks available in a vast range of body widths and shackle types.


Vulcan Combi - Video Production for Padlocks

Named after Vulcan, the ancient Roman god of fire and metalworking, this mighty tough range of combination padlocks takes some beating.  Easy to use in 4 and 5-wheel versions, these Vulcans are fully recodable and offer up to 100,000 combinations.


Squire Combi-Bolt - Video Production for Locking Bolt

The Squire Combi-Bolt is a unique patented recodable combination locking bolt that is completely rustproof. Simple to use and install, the Combi-Bolt’s high-pick resistance and 10,000 code options delivers high quality security for doors and hatches, both indoors and out.


Inigma FL1 - Video Production for Folding Locks

The Inigma FL1 – Folding lock is a lightweight aluminium foldable lock, with a synthetic ABS coating on the links there is also little risk to your paint job.

Professional Video Production Company near Birmingham and working with clients across the UK.

Professional Video Production Company near Birmingham
and working with clients across the UK.

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