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Barry J Wale

Broadcast Television Professional

Barry J Wale Factory

Over 35 years experience working in Corporate TV

Barry J Wale is a corporate and documentary and filmmaker who works in collaboration with other industry professionals to turn real life into compelling content. We work nationally with businesses and public sector organisations, as well as PR and marketing agency partners.

We like to keep things simple, producing documentary-style productions for the corporate market that are both compelling and authentic. Our focus is always on ‘your story’, communicating a strong and effective message in a credible and persuasive manner. 

Animation and special effects are not necessarily the way to make your business look great - you’ve got plenty of content worth showing off already in your staff, customers, products, skills, and service all just waiting to be showcased.

Our goal is not just to impress you, but to inform, educate and inspire your customers - and we believe our productions do precisely that!

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BJW Productions - Professional Video Production Company based in Atherstone, Warwickshire and working with clients across the UK
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