Medical & Health

Drugs with a Difference - Cancer Chemotherapy

Based at the BioCity in Nottingham, this start-up company required a video for crowdfunding purposes to assist in the bringing to market a range of repurposed drugs for use in cancer chemotherapy. Because of the complexity of the subject mater, it was agreed that we kept the science simple and focused on the emotive reasons for producing these drugs.

Dr Falk Pharma UK - Crohn’s Disease /  Autoimmune Hepatitis

Diagnosed with both Crohn’s Disease and later Autoimmune Hepatitis, Hazel talks about her experiences dealing with both diseases and how she found switching back to a lower dosage of Budesonide helped her keep control of her flares, giving her a greater feeling of well-being. Due to regulations in endorsing prescription medicine, it was important we produced an impartial video that allowed Hazel to talk only of her personal experiences rather than giving a testimonial to a particular medicine.

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